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Choo Dee Wei has seen his fair share of banking & insolvency dispute resolution comprising bankruptcies, winding-up, schemes of arrangements etc. He had also represented several financial institutions both in commencing and defending civil proceedings initiated against it. He also provides general advice to financial institutions and companies on various aspects such as its contracts and operations procedures. He has seen his fair share of High Court trials and hearings as well as at the Appellate level.

He is also an active volunteer with the Yayasan Bantuan Guaman Kebangsaan Kuala Lumpur. Choo Dee Wei has taken on files for adults and minors involving various charges under the Penal Code, the Dangerous Drugs Act, the Corrosive and Explosive Substances and Offensive Weapons Act 1958 and the Road Transport Act 1987. He recently successfully managed to defend an individual charged with criminal breach of trust.

Amongst the highlights of his career:

i. Obtaining both mandatory and prohibitory injunctions against directors of a company on behalf of its receivers and managers

ii. Successfully defending a financial institution against allegations of civil conspiracy levied against it;

iii. Applying to set aside a subpoena served upon a Chief Executive Officer;

iv. Opposing a scheme of arrangement under section 176 of the Companies Act, 1976;

v. Advising on corporate related disputes and strategies;

Choo Dee Wei has written articles such as Putik Lada (the Star) and Praxis. He continues to write and his articles can be found at

Choo Dee Wei is currently the chairperson of the Young Lawyers Committee in the Kuala Lumpur Bar as well as the previous Chairman of the Joint Management Committee of Metropolitan Square Damansara Perdana.


i. Contributing author to the Malaysian Civil Procedure 2013 (the White Book).

ii. “The Life of a Pupil – Managing Expectations” in Bar Council’s Praxis in the April-June 2012 edition.

iii. “Federal Court Departs from Decade-Old Ruling in Adorna Properties” in Messrs. Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill’s Legal Herald in the January-March 2010 edition.

iv. “How to avoid the bankrupt tag” in the Star’s Putik Lada on 28.5.2009.

v. “The Right Fit?” in Messrs. Skrine’s Legal Insights in the 2/2008 edition – providing some guidance as to how a company should classify its creditors in a scheme of arrangement.

Si. Talks on client management to pupils and young lawyers – organized by the Young Lawyers Committee (Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee).

ii. Talks on law and practice to students – organized by the Young Lawyers Committee (Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee).

iii. Talks on managing expectations in practice to various universities and colleges – organized by the Young Lawyers Committee (Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee) and the National Young Lawyers Committee (Bar Council).

iv. Internal talks in Messrs. Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill on Civil Conspiracy and the Impact of the Amendments to the Housing Developers Act upon Liquidators.